Sunday, September 16, 2007

Boston's Beckett Breaks Back

After trading runs with Boston in the first, the NY offence got squeezed by a 35 foot Anaconda named Josh Beckett, while the Sox offence tattooed a parade of Yank pitchers for 9 more. My joke for the locals was "Well, at least this time the Sox managed to hang on for the win." Consider that their 10 runs could have won them 5 ball games like this one.
For the rest of the season, the Yanks main worry will clearly be Detroit, which won again yesterday. The Tigers are now only 2.5 games behind in the Wild Card race. At this point, the Yanks need to win the rubber game against the Sox tonight, but it's no more important than every other game they need to win down the stretch to fend off Detroit.


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