Thursday, August 30, 2007

Someone Brought the Gas 2

Boston at NY already more than I could have hoped for, with the Yanquis winning a close one 4-3 last night thanks to great pitching by the Rocket and another masterful save by Rivera. HRs by Papi, Youkilis, and A-Rod. Game 3 already at top of the 8th (2-0 Yanks!); I can't watch it, but following it by MLB Game Day (what a great invention!), and wanted to get this in before it's over.
Looks like it's been a well pitched game between Schilling and Wang, with Wang looking seriously good, at least from my desktop. Would like to have actually seen the double play that Francona got himself ejected over.
You know, I've really started to like the Red Sox over the last six years that I've lived in NH, but I will always root for the Yankees, unless they do something that really pisses me off. More about the Sox when this series is over.


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