Friday, September 07, 2007

Yankee Mood Swings

Since the Yanks swept the Red Sox last week, the two teams looked like they were going in opposite directions for a while. The Sox lost their first game after that to Baltimore, then have won 6 of 7 since then, playing remarkable baseball. They've battered opponents with their always potent offence and some spectacular pitching, to say the least; in the meantime the Yanks lose 2 of 3 at home to Tampa Bay? Must have been painful to watch. When they lost their opener to Wild Card rival Seattle, which had a 9 game losing streak going, for once I was glad I only get regular Red Sox broadcasts where I live. By winning the last two games, the Yanquis appear to have pulled their nuts from the fire, and looked pretty good doing it (A-Rod two HRs in one inning!). It's a long shot now that Boston can be caught, but the Yanks are in the driver's seat for the AL Wild Card. All they have to do is win some baseball games in September.
Of course that includes the final Red Sox Series. They're in Boston a week from now. My friends up here in NH are still talking about Chamberlain vs. Youkilis; I haven't really figured that one out, yet, but for Sox fans the significance is obvious: It's gonna be crazy in Fenway!


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