Saturday, September 15, 2007

Round One Knockdown

I have to admit, with the eighth inning about to start, and the Dread Sox up by 5 runs, my mind was starting wander, thinking maybe it might be time for bed soon. Pettitte got chased from the mound early, NY had wasted a number of great opportunities to score, and the Sox relievers were coming on to apply the sleeper hold. Oh, me of little faith...Yanquis score 6 in the inning, and then hold on to win the first game 8-7. It was worth staying up til midnight to see Rivera bring the hammer down one more time.
Interesting to see the Yanks really get to some of Boston's best relievers, Okajima and Papelbon. Admittedly, it only took a couple of mistakes by Papelbon to finally blow the save, but that's baseball, as they say. Okajma'd already left the situation pretty dire, giving up the first 4 runs in uncharacteristic fashion. This particular win is less important for its effect on the Division title standings than for keeping the Yanks ahead of surging Detroit in the Wild Card. But will it also get in the Red Sox' heads? Round two starts late this afternoon.


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