Thursday, August 30, 2007

Unlikely Sweep

They'll be talking about this series for a while, especially today's game, 5-0 Yanks over the Sox. Wang dominant. Two HRs by Cano. Giambi with sterling defensive plays (!) I watched the re-broadcast on NESN all the way to the end so I could see for myself the controversial double play that got Francona ejected, but I really wanted to see what happened with Chamberlain. Frankly, the simulation I saw on MLB's Game Day didn't do the two pitches at Youkilis' head justice. I don't think Joba could've gotten any farther from the strike zone without looking like he was throwing at the fans behind home plate. Not to mention Posada set him up outside both times. So what was he thinking? Plonking Youkilis wouldn't make sense by any logic I can see. I believe Torre when he pretty much said he wouldn't send a boy to do an man's job. It had to be loss of control. Needless to say, the Red Sox won't laugh it off.
Also, needless to say, the Yanks look like a team that could certainly be in the playoffs, at least by virtue of the Wild Card. Now they're also just 5 games behind Boston again. Does this mean they have a chance to take the whole Division? Well, there are still a lot of games left, and it's baseball, so nothing is ruled out; but I wouldn't look at this series as a signal the Sox are ready to collapse again. I predict the Sox will wale on their next couple of opponents at home. Baltimore is walking into an ambush tomorrow. Then expect some serious drama when the Yanquis visit Boston a couple of weeks from now. What could be more fun than that? It's gonna be crazy!


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