Sunday, April 20, 2008

Poking around Nørrebro (4)

"Politistat 2 (Now you see it, now you....)"
Construction at Folkets Park—View from Griffenfeldsgade (19 April 2008)
As a newcomer to the neighborhood, I'm a thorough outsider on the local politics surrounding Folkets Park. These photos and the titles on some of them are observations, not commentaries. Which doesn't mean I don't have opinions, it's just that in this case I'm short of information. For what it's worth, and I'm sure it isn't much, my first impression of Folkets Park, when I arrived at the beginning of February, is that was a svineri, and could have used some cleaning up. It may be that I was just looking at the normal over-Winter landscape, and it may be that the locals organize a work party every Spring to clean up the place. If I had found out something like that was going to happen, I would gladly have joined in; it wouldn't be the first time I've pitched in with local volunteers to clean up a park. Or it may be that was not going to happen. The only thing I could say for sure was that the "Politistat" graffito on the building to the right was going to get painted over sooner rather than later (for an earlier photo of the same scene, see my Blog entry, Poking around Nørrebro (1), 06 April 2008).


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