Thursday, May 17, 2007

Confessions of a Typing Monkey

I was just looking over my blog output for the last year, and it's a meagre offering indeed. Eight posts in a year? This from a guy whose inner voice never shuts up even for a second? I could attribute part of this to being busy, but it also has a lot to do with my original intent to post only what I considered to be intelligent, coherent, reasonably well-thought out comments, or those that pointed in some way to an important issue, or at minimum displayed a few sub-atomic particles worth of wit or originality. I admit I've also avoided commenting on certain controversial issues and events because I don't want to insult certain people (my friends, for example, or possible future benefactors, or just people I respect, whose respect I would like to acquire or maintain) even unintentionally. Especially unintentionally.

Mistakes on top of mistakes! I've now awakened to the utter poverty of that approach, and have made a belated New Year's resolution. I resolve to send, at least on average, one post per day out into the ether of cyberspace--no matter how vapid, trivial, incoherent, patently self-referential, self-serving, self-destroying, unoriginal, or (my apologies in advance) insulting. In writing, as in love, one must allow oneself to be vulnerable. At least a little....

On the occasion of this new resolution, I've taken the giant step of adding a sub-title to this blog, the same as the title of this post. It refers, of course, to the hypothetical infinite army of typing monkeys who could, if given infinite time, reproduce the entire contents of the Western literary canon. Actually, this could be extended to all of the human canon, if keyboards with all the required characters were made available. And then why not of all beings in the universe capable of written language in the sense that we know it? Well, no matter how you frame the problem, I am just one monkey, and this blog is my single monkey hypothesis, so to speak.

I will still worry about whether it matters, but I won't let that stop me. It rains on the ocean, though there is plenty of water already there, and neither the rain nor the ocean cares. Did someone say that already?


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