Saturday, January 05, 2013

Happy New Year: House Republican Asshats Undaunted by Setbacks

As far back as July, Ezra Klein called the 112th Congress the worst ever; a couple of days ago, almost needless to say, his opinion hadn't changed. At best it was the worst in decades. Aside from barely managing to pass a "fiscal cliff" deal before the end of the year, they ended their session failing to act at all on the Hurricane Sandy relief bill, and failing to pass an extension of the Violence Against Women Act, both of which would have been bipartisan no-brainers in almost any year except 2012.
daily news headline, stabbed in the back with a pic of the statue of liberty, knife in back
The question is, will the 113th Congress be any better? They are off to a great start. Yes, they authorized just a small fraction of the Hurricane Sandy aid package already passed by the Senate. And yes, "[Speaker of the House] Boehner promised that they'll take up the remainder of the aid from the Senate bill, $51 billion, on January 15. By the way, Congress passed $60 billion in Katrina relief just 10 days after the hurricane struck. It's now been 10 weeks since Sandy hit" (Joan McCarter, Daily Kos, 04 January 2013). Note that Paul Ryan (R-WI) was one of the 67 voting against. Still a little butt-hurt over losing the election, with all those electoral votes in the Northeast Coastal blue states, Paul? You fucker! Keep in mind that this part of the package is not charity but funding financial obligations already in effect. "It was just $9.7 billion to let the National Flood Insurance Program borrow enough to pay out claims to people who had signed-and-sealed flood-insurance policies with paid-up premiums; in that sense, it hardly counts as “relief.” There may be all sorts of flaws with the insurance program, but this was a matter of letting a government entity meet its obligations, not a matter of charity" (Amy Davidson, The New Yorker, 04 January 2013).
Michele Bachmann, somewhat surprisingly, voted yes on the bill. It will be interesting to see how she votes on the larger package coming up ten days from now. In the meantime, she also proudly introduced the first bill of the 113th Congress--to repeal "Obamacare" in its entiretyNice try, you villainous hag! This is the 34th time such a bill has been introduced. It has no chance and is a waste of taxpayer's money every time it comes up.


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