Sunday, March 29, 2009

Nosing around Nørrebro (11)

"Guldskat" by Ejgil Westergaard (1990)—View northeast on Sjællandsgade (22 March 2009)

Same sculpture—View southwest on Sjællandsgade (22 March 2009)

The subject and title of "Guldskat" (Golden Treasure, 1990), by Ejgil Westergaard, come from a fairy tale of Hans Christian Andersen. The granite sculpture can be found in front of the Københavns Kommune Sundhedsforvaltningens kontoret (Health Care Administration offices) at Sjællandsgade 40 (Krakskort: 138 C 7).

By the way, an extensive compilation of Andersen's works, including Guldskat, translated into English by Jean Hersholt, can be found at The Complete Andersen; this is just a part of the scholarly and attractive Hans Christian Andersen Center web site maintained by the Faculty of Humanities at the University of Southern Denmark. In addition to the works, an extensive, searchable library of research papers, many in English or English translation, can be accessed on-line, as well as related images and other material.

Also, a nice web site with a list of Copenhagen "monumenter" is located at Non-Danish readers can get the site in English.


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