Sunday, March 22, 2009

Nosing around Nørrebro (9)

Cyclist mural overlooking Fakta store on corner of Ravnsborggade and Nørrebrogade—View east along north side of Nørrebrogade (22 March 2009)

Typical København weather: after 4 sunny workdays in a row, a chill overcast had set in by Saturday morning, and I had to wait through most of the weekend for some sunlight to fall on this whimsical exterior wall painting I'd been planning to photograph for weeks. Although one has to adapt to a certain degree to the prevailing atmosphere here, I really felt this piece would look better (in my unskilled hands) with some direct light on it. Finally, around 2 PM on Sunday afternoon, most of the clouds went away for an hour or so, the sun angled sufficiently to the west, and I got busy with my camera.

Cyclist mural, a bit closer (22 March 2009)


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