Sunday, September 06, 2009

Random views of København (2)

Gammel Kongevej at the corner of Stenosgade in København V, viewed diagonally across Sankt Jørgens Sø from Svineryggen

The steeple centered in the background is of Jesu Hjerte Kirke (Jesus Heart Church), located at Stenosgade 4A. The building to the left houses the Mariendal Friskole (Mariendal Free School), at Stenosgade 4C.
A closer view of Stenosgade, viewed south from Gammel Kongevej

A slightly better view of the Church complex on Stenosgade

The building just south of the church on Stenosgade, at the corner of Vesterbrogade, seems to be an apartment house with street level shops and impressive cylindrical corner towers. I wouldn't mind owning an upper floor apartment, facing the narrow street, with a tower room to read in. Fat chance.

All photos taken 23 August 2009.


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