Saturday, July 25, 2009

Waiting for the Lion King

Street Vendor, New York City, SW corner of West 53rd Street & 6th Avenue (24 July 2009)
I haven't been to NY for a while, and the image of people of all ethnicities and walks of life waiting in a long line for some halal rice and chicken at lunch hour struck me as emblematic. A Google search clued me in that this food cart is quite a bit more famous than the pair of rather impressive statues right nearby, one of which is pictured below. At least on the Internet, it was more straightforward to find information (and arguments) about the vendor. Anyone wants to clue me in about the sculptures, feel free....
Statue, New York City, SW corner of West 53rd Street & 6th Avenue (24 July 2009)

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Franken, finally....

The long recount in Minnesota is over. The Democrats now control, at least in principle, the 60 vote majority necessary to end filibusters ("Franken’s victory bolsters Democratic grip in Senate", by Monica Davey and Carl Hulse, NYT, 30 June, 2009). That could change in a heartbeat (or failure of one, given the poor health of Democratic Senators Byrd and Kennedy), but for the moment I got particular enjoyment out of this quote from Texas Senator John Cornyn: “With their supermajority, the era of excuses and finger-pointing is now over.” Except by Republicans, of course.